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Water sports: Your scuba diving guide in Mauritius

Posted by dany Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mauritius Hotels, diving in Mauritius
Water sports are also the main reason why so many tourists visit the beautiful island of Mauritius each year. Tourists can either choose to stay in any luxury Mauritius Hotels and Resorts or rent vacations homes there. The kind of water sports that people travel thousands of miles just to experience it in Mauritius is scuba diving. This means having a holiday in Mauritius offers a lot more than just having fun on the beach and relaxing under the sun, meaning adrenalin junkies and adventure lovers can also experience a thrill of a lifetime by diving in Mauritius.

Diving In Mauritius

Mauritius Hotels, diving in Mauritius
Skin-diving masks and flippers, scuba diving equipment, small discovery submarine or just a swimsuit is all you need to enjoy one of the very pleasurable natural experiences when diving in Mauritius.

Mauritius marine life conceals an infinite sea treasure. Its crystal-clear lagoons and magnificent coral beds inhabited by bright colorful fish and moray eels will not fail to surprise the occasional swimmer or diver. The local undersea life around the coastline offers a wide variety.

Your Diving Guide

Mauritius Hotels,diving in Mauritius
North & West Coast - Lagoons are large and the water is very calm for the swimmer along the northern beaches and the west coast. Behind the barrier reef, the experienced scuba diver can come across some spectacular underwater caves or large coral blocks.

East Coast - On the east coast, the underwater life is more varied with greater water circulation in the lagoon. Old shipwrecks are a continuous attraction to the scuba diver.

Specials - Night diving, 'honeymoon' diving and training sessions, of international standards, are available.

Diving Centres - 30 Diving Centers operating independently or within hotel premises.


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