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Best time to have holiday in Mauritius

Posted by dany Monday, May 24, 2010 6 comments

There is a lot of tourists visiting the Mauritius Island. Every month there are plenty of people spending their holiday there mostly in Mauritius Hotels. Since the island has a tropical climate all through the year and the climate is favorable for the traveler to visit. Even in whatever month you want.

Mauritius Island and any Mauritius hotels are open every year, every month and everyday. You can book ticket or reserve a hotel room in whatever day you prefer.

Each place and country has its best time to be visit, to do the best things and to spend a holiday and in Mauritius the best time to visit this place is from the month of July to September. This is the choicest time of the tourist to visit this place. The season of winter starts from July and concludes in September.

The winter is the best season to visit because the humidity of Mauritius is bearable at this time. When the winter comes that temperature of the summer weaken. The sunshine becomes tolerable; tourists can relax themselves by exposing their skin in the sunlight. They could enjoy their extra time to walk at the beach while looking at the nature or they can go to places where they can see the animals and plants that the Mauritius have.

During winter, the beaches perfect beauty together with the cool breeze of the palm trees and the moderate temperature through diminishing the humidity will enable the tourist to experience the soul heartening and refreshing charm of Mauritius.

The time of summer in Mauritius is from the months of November to May. The climate is hot and dry and the temperature at the coastal areas during the summer time lingers from 25°C to 33°C. But the high areas have a lesser temperature. During summers the sunrise starts at 5:00 in the morning and the sunset will see at 7:00 in the evening. The warmest month of the year is February.

While the winter arrives at the month of May till October, during these months the weather in Mauritius becomes 24°C and higher plateau experience 19°C. When this cold season comes the country enjoy the sunrise at 6:00 in the morning and the sunset at 5:30 in the afternoon. But temperature in the island all through the year remains tropical. The coolest month of the year is July.

When the Christmas period comes you will witness a massive rush of tourists to Mauritius result of the festive spirit along with the tendency of holidaymakers to splurge.

There are also best months for the water sports to play like in the month of December through March, this the best moment for diving and for scuba diving, when the waters are at their clearest, you can clearly se the coral reefs and the colorful fish and marine life under the water; June through August is the best time for surfing because of the big waves of the island; and October through April is excellent for big game fishing for the reason that the season is cold, where the large predators feed close to shore.

Best Place in Mauritius for Honeymoon

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Mauritius hotels, honeymoon in MauritiusWedding, the awaited happenings in couple’s life, after the married the next thing they have to decide is where to go to have the honeymoon. Every couple’s dream of a best place to celebrate their honeymoon and it is the interesting part of the wedding rituals.

Mauritius hotels, honeymoon in Mauritius
Deciding a place is a hard task. You have to set and consider lots of things, like if the location beautiful, if it is a good place to stay on and most of all if both of you will enjoy. The place to settle for the honeymoon is important because it plays a great role in each memory. Honeymoon is the time you can be with each other without the hassle. Far from the stress, people and place that is noisy and pollution, you have to make most of the time with together. This time is the moment you can talk about your plans in the future and best things you have found in one another.

Mauritius hotels, honeymoon in Mauritius

Honeymoon in Mauritius is very popular. You can choose a honeymoon package in Mauritius that will suites to your dream honeymoon. They have package deal that cost much and a cheap one, but you can surely enjoy honeymoon together. While having your honeymoon, there are many things in Mauritius that you both want to try, like when you are looking for a water adventure you can try the water sports such as snorkeling, diving, surfing and many other sports that will enjoy. They also have a land sport like playing golf. You can also doze on the beaches to make your skin tan and like the color of the golden bronze.
Having a honeymoon in Mauritius will makes you feel special. With the best places to go and the ambiance of Mauritius you can feel like you are in the paradise. The idyllic white soft sand beaches, turquoise Blue Ocean can add colors to your honeymoon.

Lots of the best Mauritius hotels also offer a romantic candle light dinner in their place near the beach with the different cuisine and wines for the newly wed. A treatment in the Spa, they also have the tour in the famous places their in Mauritius and a cruise all over the island. You can also watch together sunrise and the sunset in the hotel while you are relaxing and rejuvenating. They will also give you photos for the souvenir, a t-shirts for you, a bunch of flowers, one Pareo, a sparkling wine and one basket of fruits.

There are several Mauritius hotels that ensure that your honeymoon in Mauritius will be comfortable and romantic. Their care is taken to ensure that the honeymooning couples get enough privacy. Some of the luxury hotels have special honeymoon suites for the newly weds. Some of the popular hotels in Mauritius which you can try are as follows:

• Maritim Hotel Mauritius
• Club Med La Pointe aux Canonniers
• Royal Palm Hotel
• Sofitel Imperial Mauritius
• Le Mauricia Hotel
• Hilton Mauritius
• Le Touessrok
• La Pirogue Hotel & Casino
• Shandrani Hotel

For any people who liked to look sexy on your holiday in Mauritius but still undecided on what sexy outfit to wear especially if you are staying in any Mauritius Hotels where lots of people are wearing the latest fashion trends and sexy outfit for a tropical holiday, then this article is for you.

For women - The heat of the sun can really make things really really hot in Mauritius and the most recommended type of casual wear for women are clothes that reveals more skin. This includes short shorts, mini skirts, loose t-shirts, tank tops and mini dresses. These outfits are not new to the fashion industry but they sure look very sexy and also keeps you cool from the heat of the sun on a tropical paradise like Mauritius.

For Men - Just like any women, the type of sexy looking clothes for men also involves more skin since the heat on a tropical paradise can be so hot especially when its after lunch time. The type of sexy looking casual wear for men are tank tops for male, beach shorts and light colored t-shirts.

Looking sexy even in a casual wear is very easy. You just need to determine the right colors, style and texture of your casual wear on the beach so that you can have a great holiday experience in Mauritius.

Different kinds of swimsuit to wear in Mauritius

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Most women have different kinds of taste for swim suit and if your holiday destination is Mauritius, here is a quick guide on different kinds of swim suits you ca wear in Mauritius. For all the women who wish to Stay in any Mauritius Hotels or any vacation homes near the beach in Mauritius can really open your fashion sense when it comes to wearing the right swimsuit for yourself.

One the hottest swimsuit to wear in Mauritius is the Animal Abstract Printed Caftan .It is a cool caftan and suite in the exotic island of Mauritius and it is good to wear when you want to tour around Mauritius hotels.

The other one is the Victoria's Secret black and oasis 'Mauritius' halter one piece swimsuit.

Brown animal print mesh savage thong can be one of Mauritius hottest swimsuits because of its animal print and vigorous outlook. A swimsuit that has an animal print is the sexy brown leopard print halter swimsuit bikini.

Exotic swimsuits are the swimwear that fits in the island of Mauritius because the place has an exotic ambiance. Cut-away swimwear and bikinis will also catch your attention in Mauritius because this swimwear style is oozing sex appeal and sophistication.

Floral swimsuits are also acceptable in the hottest swimsuits in Mauritius such as a classic, flattering and sexy wrap styling, in a delicious range of colors.

Swimsuit with halter neck tie, and wrap style front it gives refreshing scene and it adds color in the different swimsuits that the women are wearing.

These swimsuits can also be worn while doing different water sports available in any Mauritius hotels. Although the designs of the mentioned swim suits are designed to expose the body parts that any woman wants when it comes to sun bathing, it also serves as a traditional fashion statement for all activities a woman can do in the water or just being in a paradise.

Perfect places to play golf in Mauritius

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For those of you who wants to spend a holiday in Mauritius and stay in any of the finest Mauritius Hotels and resorts and thinking you're better off playing golf in your local golf clubs with your golf buddies, think again.. What could be more pleasant than being on holiday on a dream island whilst having the opportunity to improve your golfing skills?

The island is a very popular destination for tourists and honeymooners from all over Europe and other continents, though in recent years golf has started to increase in popularity, adding to the relatively modest tourist industry.

Play golf in Mauritius

Having a holiday in Mauritius is not limited only to water sports, infarct Mauritius also has two championship golf courses at the Belle Mare Plage Hotel and that means there is also lots of places where you can play golf in Mauritus. Many of the finest Mauritius hotels have excellent golf courses with instructors to attend customers' needs including private tuition. Most of these hotels have a club house with a locker room for customers' equipment and a shop. Golf balls, clubs and caddies can be hired.

The following hotels have 18 hole golf courses:
Le Touessrok Hotel - Golf Course (Ile aux Cerfs)
Four Seasons Golf Club Mauritius at Anahita
Paradis Hotel & Golf Club - Golf Course
Dinarobin - Golf Course
Belle Mare Plage Hotel - Golf Course
Le Prince Maurice - Golf Course
Le Telfair - Golf Course.

Hotels with nine hole golf courses include
Le Saint Geran Hotel - Golf Course
Trou aux Biches Hotel - Golf Course
Shandrani Hotel - Golf Course

Imagine waking up after a deep, restful sleep, drawing back the curtains and there, in front of you, is the most perfect vista. A crystal-clear swimming pool, just the whisper of a breeze creating the tiniest ripple in the early morning light, then a stretch of pure white sand, a deep emerald sea and, in the distance, the outline of a surf-washed coral reef. Above, just the azure perfection of a tropical sky and play golf in the most beautiful landscape setting for a golf course on a paradise.

Mauritius Hotels, diving in Mauritius
Water sports are also the main reason why so many tourists visit the beautiful island of Mauritius each year. Tourists can either choose to stay in any luxury Mauritius Hotels and Resorts or rent vacations homes there. The kind of water sports that people travel thousands of miles just to experience it in Mauritius is scuba diving. This means having a holiday in Mauritius offers a lot more than just having fun on the beach and relaxing under the sun, meaning adrenalin junkies and adventure lovers can also experience a thrill of a lifetime by diving in Mauritius.

Diving In Mauritius

Mauritius Hotels, diving in Mauritius
Skin-diving masks and flippers, scuba diving equipment, small discovery submarine or just a swimsuit is all you need to enjoy one of the very pleasurable natural experiences when diving in Mauritius.

Mauritius marine life conceals an infinite sea treasure. Its crystal-clear lagoons and magnificent coral beds inhabited by bright colorful fish and moray eels will not fail to surprise the occasional swimmer or diver. The local undersea life around the coastline offers a wide variety.

Your Diving Guide

Mauritius Hotels,diving in Mauritius
North & West Coast - Lagoons are large and the water is very calm for the swimmer along the northern beaches and the west coast. Behind the barrier reef, the experienced scuba diver can come across some spectacular underwater caves or large coral blocks.

East Coast - On the east coast, the underwater life is more varied with greater water circulation in the lagoon. Old shipwrecks are a continuous attraction to the scuba diver.

Specials - Night diving, 'honeymoon' diving and training sessions, of international standards, are available.

Diving Centres - 30 Diving Centers operating independently or within hotel premises.

Mauritius HotelsWhen going on a holiday on Mauritius, lots of parents are always wondering if they can bring their kids with them or not becasue kids can be stressful sometimes especially on a holiday. But things changed from time to time, this means Mauritius Hotels are now offering places for kids to play, learn and has almost all activities for kids to be able to let the kids enjoy the holiday and also their parents.

Mauritius HotelsWith many Mauritius Hotels that has facilities for kids, parents will not have a hard time choosing hotels where they can bring their kids along on a holiday. After choosing a perfect Mauritius Hotel for your holiday with your kids, its always important to have a list of things you should list for making sure the kids are safe and having fun.

Here is some things you can list on how to keep your kids busy, safe and having fun on your holiday in Mauritius:

Safety first - make sure that in any hotel or resort you choose, you or some members of your family (preferably adults) should never keep the kids out of sight. This will prevent your kids to get lost especially in crowded public places. Also this is very important if the kids are swimming or playing in the water.

Bring toys or things that can entertain the kids - although this would be a common scenario for most parents, its still very important not to forget these things. Most likely its their favorite toys, activity books, video games and stuffs they enjoy bringing outdoors. Usually parents may need the toys in this situation; while on the way to Mauritius, on airports, waiting for something in any hotel lobby, during night time before sleeping time and in some situations to avoid the kids having tantrums.

Make sure to have time with your kids or play with them - During a holiday in Mauritius, parents should always have time to play with their kids, walking on the park with them, swimming with them and making sure to provide all the things the kids needs. This way the kids will have fun and also the parents and if both parents and the kids are having fun, who says bringing the kids can be stressful.