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Best time to have holiday in Mauritius

Posted by dany Monday, May 24, 2010

There is a lot of tourists visiting the Mauritius Island. Every month there are plenty of people spending their holiday there mostly in Mauritius Hotels. Since the island has a tropical climate all through the year and the climate is favorable for the traveler to visit. Even in whatever month you want.

Mauritius Island and any Mauritius hotels are open every year, every month and everyday. You can book ticket or reserve a hotel room in whatever day you prefer.

Each place and country has its best time to be visit, to do the best things and to spend a holiday and in Mauritius the best time to visit this place is from the month of July to September. This is the choicest time of the tourist to visit this place. The season of winter starts from July and concludes in September.

The winter is the best season to visit because the humidity of Mauritius is bearable at this time. When the winter comes that temperature of the summer weaken. The sunshine becomes tolerable; tourists can relax themselves by exposing their skin in the sunlight. They could enjoy their extra time to walk at the beach while looking at the nature or they can go to places where they can see the animals and plants that the Mauritius have.

During winter, the beaches perfect beauty together with the cool breeze of the palm trees and the moderate temperature through diminishing the humidity will enable the tourist to experience the soul heartening and refreshing charm of Mauritius.

The time of summer in Mauritius is from the months of November to May. The climate is hot and dry and the temperature at the coastal areas during the summer time lingers from 25°C to 33°C. But the high areas have a lesser temperature. During summers the sunrise starts at 5:00 in the morning and the sunset will see at 7:00 in the evening. The warmest month of the year is February.

While the winter arrives at the month of May till October, during these months the weather in Mauritius becomes 24°C and higher plateau experience 19°C. When this cold season comes the country enjoy the sunrise at 6:00 in the morning and the sunset at 5:30 in the afternoon. But temperature in the island all through the year remains tropical. The coolest month of the year is July.

When the Christmas period comes you will witness a massive rush of tourists to Mauritius result of the festive spirit along with the tendency of holidaymakers to splurge.

There are also best months for the water sports to play like in the month of December through March, this the best moment for diving and for scuba diving, when the waters are at their clearest, you can clearly se the coral reefs and the colorful fish and marine life under the water; June through August is the best time for surfing because of the big waves of the island; and October through April is excellent for big game fishing for the reason that the season is cold, where the large predators feed close to shore.


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