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Mauritius Hotels, Mauritius Wedding
Many couple have their own wedding dream. It can be a luxurious wedding in a perfect church or it can be a perfect weeding in any type of location and then there was a Mauritius paradise dream wedding.

In Mauritius, tourists can have their own wedding there. Should it be the Civil one combined with the signing ceremony on a tropical beach or on a Catamaran at sunset, religious weddings; all other types of wedding arrangements can be discussed where couples can make their dream wedding come true in paradise. It can be a dream wedding inside any luxurious Mauritius Hotels, it can also be on the beach, a dream wedding on a boat or almost any idea you can come up with in the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Before any type of wedding in Mauritius, civil or religious, there are official documents that need to be formalized. In Mauritius the law require that a civil marriage is to be formalized before a religious wedding can be conducted.

Mauritius Hotels, Mauritius Wedding
Here are some things or documents you need to secured in arranging your “Precious Day” or wedding.

Wedding Formalities = It will be arranged by any Mauritius Hotels you choose and there is usually a fee for any wedding formalities and it includes the following:

Civil Status Officer, Affidavit, transport
Requirements for Civil marriage:
! Photocopies of each birth certificate drawn up in English
! Photocopies of each passport (the 1st 3 pages only)
! Any other document relating to divorce, widow/widower or change of name
It is advisable to have the application made one month before the date of marriage. Therefore, having the documents five weeks prior to guest arrival in Mauritius

Upon arrival at any Mauritius hotels, couples can expect any representative together with the Hotel Public Relation team will welcome the couple and arrange a suitable time to go over the arrangements for the wedding day. The wedding can take place inside the hotel, outside under the coconut trees, on the beach at sunset or another romantic spot; the ceremony normally lasts over one hour. The arrangements before and after the ceremony depend on the wishes of the couple.

Requirements for Religious Ceremony preformed by a priest:
This takes a longer time in terms of paper work & other local administrative formalities with the church and the diocese. The amount payable to the priest/church is negotiable depending of the location of the ceremony i.e. church, hotel premises, or other.
! Baptismal Certificate (Certificate issued by the Church from the country the couple comes from, attesting that the person is a Christian by religion & can get marry) for both the bride & groom.
! Birth Certificate for the bride & groom
! Identity card or photocopy of passport (the 1st 3 pages only) for both bride & groom

At least three months before the date of marriage; therefore, all the above papers 13 to 14 weeks before arrival of guest.

Mauritius Hotels, Mauritius Wedding
After securing all the documents needed, any couple can enjoy their paradise dream wedding in Mauritius and talk to any Hotel representative for any wedding so that they can choose from any packages they want or suggest their own.

Lets talk about the one of the best Mauritius Hotels there is, Constance Belle Mare Plage located in Poste de Flacq, Mauritius. This luxury hotel is not just one of a kind, its actually the best of its kind since they are child friendly, you can play golf and other types of water sports and there always a romantic wedding or honey moon in this hotel. Basically you can do almost everything you can imagine in this luxury hotel.

A unique concept in Mauritius Belle Mare Plage The Resort is the landscape. It is situated along one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Mauritius island, offer an extensive range of amenities. It is an ideal location for novice or professional golfers with its two 18-hole Championship Golf Courses, set in a 150-hectares private natural park (Yes they have their own private park and who says you can't have a little jungle walk in a paradise hotel).

It is considered one of the best Mauritius Hotels and Constance Belle Mare Plage is located on a beautiful sandy beach and protected by offshore coral reefs making the resort ideal for swimming and all sorts of water sports.

Mauritius Hotels and resorts for a perfect holiday

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Mauritius Hotels
For an unforgettable holiday experience, people look for places that can give them a memories that can go off the page or have an experience of a lifetime but the choice for the perfect getaway is so many and only one stands out to be the perfect location for a perfect holidays. Mauritius Hotels and resorts offers one of the world's most romantic locations for weddings and honeymoons. Most hotels offer discounted packages and detail planning for such all-inclusive holidays in Mauritius. The wedding can be private or grand. It can be on the beach, under the sea, or simply inside a hotel resort. The only thing needed, according to the country's Marital Status Act, is to post marriage banns the day before.

Mauritius hotels

Mauritius Hotels
A heaven within a World Class Sanctuary. A harmonious settlement nestled in the most natural setting, offering hotel suites, fine dining establishments, full leisure, recreation and relaxation facilities. What surrounds the resorts and hotels are the breath taking view of the clean and white sand beach that is worth every thousand mile traveled just to experience it. Facing the sumptuous suites, an infinite immaculate white sandy beach, where the lagoon extends its wonderful view accompanied by the gentle sounds of lapping waves that will guarantee an experience of a lifetime. A perfect getaway for adventurous people and a complete package for families, individuals and group of people who wants the best holiday experience.

The island is located off the African coast and surrounded by the southwestern arm of the Indian Ocean. The government is democratic and the currency is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs). One Euro is roughly equivalent to 41 Rs and one dollar is about 32 Rs. Mauritius is served by several airlines and has more than 30 flights a week from and to major European cities. This simply means that it would be easy and enjoyable to plan all-inclusive holidays in Mauritius.

Today Mauritius is a country that attracts millions of tourists each year and also a well known tourism destination for all season and especially during holidays. The finest Mauritius Hotels and resorts are one of the main places that people are traveling thousands of miles just to experience them and the beautiful beaches surrounding its area. Lets get to know the republic of Mauritius , here are some valuable information about the paradise Mauritius.

Land and People

Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs. A central plateau is ringed by mountains of volcanic origin, which rise to c.2,700 ft (820 m) in the southwest. The island has a tropical, rainy climate. Mauritius is divided into nine districts.

Mauritius hotels

Over two thirds of the population are of Indian descent, and over 25% are creole (of mixed French and African background). There are also small Chinese and French communities. About half of the people are Hindu, while 30% are Christian (mainly Roman Catholic), and most of the remainder are Muslim. English is the official language, although most of the people speak a creole dialect; other languages include Bojpoori, French, Hindi, Urdu, and Hakka.


Mauritius was probably visited by Arabs and Malays in the Middle Ages. Portuguese sailors visited it in the 16th cent. The island was occupied by the Dutch from 1598 to 1710 and named after Prince Maurice of Nassau. The French settled the island in 1722 and called it Île de France. It became an important way station on the route to India. The French introduced the cultivation of sugarcane and imported large numbers of African slaves to work the plantations. The British captured the island in 1810 and restored the Dutch name. After the abolition of slavery in 1835, indentured laborers were brought from India; their descendants constitute a majority of the population today.


Mauritius is governed under the constitution of 1968, as amended. The president, who is head of state, is elected by the National Assembly for a five-year term and is eligible for a second term. The government is headed by the prime minister, who is appointed by the president. The unicameral legislature consists of the 70-seat National Assembly; 62 members are elected, and eight, representing ethnic minorities, are appointed by the election commission. All serve five-year terms. Administratively, Mauritius is divided into nine districts and three dependencies.